Our Mission

Pasadena Latino Coalition seeks social justice and fair representation for the Latino community.

Our History

In 2011, the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) convened a coalition of Pasadena organizations that serve the community, thus the PLC came to be. The Coalition represented organizations serving Latinos. It has been meeting four to six times per month for over a year to move PLC’s strategy forward.

Our Goal

PLC’s goal is to address the Latino disparity in education, employment, health and housing that exists in the city of Pasadena and to empower the immigrant community.  In this diverse city, every third person in Pasadena identifies as a Latino.  The range of education, experience, and political party can be as varied as their linguistic ability in either English or Spanish.  What is very obvious, however, is that Latinos are not well represented in elected or appointed office, thus the Latino community is disempowered in Pasadena.  PLC’s strategy is to work as a coalition of non-profit organizations serving the Latino community, to inform our constituents about the resources that are available to them; their rights to be heard in the public policy debate; and advocate on their behalf for policy change in education, jobs and housing.

Who we are

Community Health Alliance of Pasadena-CHAPCare

Community Organization of Pasadena for Advancement in Education

Flintridge Center

Jericho Road Pasadena

Latino Heritage

Mothers’ Club Family Learning Center

National Hispanic Media Coalition

Office for Creative Connections/All Saints Church

Peace Over Violence

Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley