Missed the Forum on February 5?

You can watch the PUSD School Board candidates answer our questions here: http://bit.ly/PLC_schoolboard2017

You can watch the City Council District 5 candidates answer our questions here: http://bit.ly/PLC_CityCouncil_District5

You can watch the City Council District 7 candidates answer our questions here: http://bit.ly/PLC_CityCouncil_District7


PUSD School Board Questions


  1. What are your priorities for the district in the coming year? Why and how did you select these issues? How will you evaluate your progress and success?
  2. What has been one topic or concern that you learned about while running for office that came from individuals with a perspective different from your own?
  3. Sanctuary City – Both the City of Pasadena and the Pasadena Unified School district have passed resolutions regarding their institutions as being a Sanctuary City. How you would balance community concerns, student needs, state and federal law, staff considerations, and your personal values and beliefs to determine the implementation of this resolution?  Should there be funding set aside for this?
  4. The Board just reconfirmed the schools as a Safe Zone. While that may relate to some of issues that are connected with Sanctuary City resolution, it also relates to the rancor felt and expressed by those who have an interest in Madison Elementary. An example of this rancor was made in a very public place when at a board meeting: during public comment, one person threatened calling ICE on a person who had an opposing view.  This shocked all in attendance.  If elected, what do you see as steps that should be taken in order to deal with this degree of division?
  5. Meeting the needs of students with Special Needs seems to be an ongoing challenge. What is your plan for assuring that the District is in compliance in terms of serving students with special needs, meeting timelines and reducing the need for parents to seek legal process to obtain services for their children?  Please include the impact of the need for bilingual aides in this area of education.
  6. The challenges that face those that are English Language Learners are not unique to Pasadena. What are some successful models that could be reviewed and possibly implemented here in Pasadena?
  7. What should the school district do to better prepare students as engaged citizens?
  8. If elected, will you commit to serving the full term?


City Council Questions

  1. What are the demographics of your district – socio- economically, ethnically, and linguistically? What are some of the issues in your district? What are some concerns expressed specifically by Latino constituents in your district?  How did you learn about them?
  2. The new administration is talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act and defunding crucial health providers like Planned Parenthood and ChapCare leaving many without access to affordable health care. Describe how you would balance community concerns, state and federal law, staff considerations, and your personal values and beliefs to determine how to protect those who will be affected by these policy changes.
  3. Comparing park use to park budget, Villa Parke has the greatest number of visits in the city; approximately 300,000 per year with a 2.3 million annual budget. Victory and Robinson parks (134,000 each with annual budgets of $1.9mil each). Do you see a discrepancy in numbers served and budget allotted? Do you know if the Human Services & Recreation director has recommended reinstating the staff positions eliminated 4 years ago?
  4. How would you approach the current deficit? Should all programs take an equal hit, or should the city be prioritizing existing programs to protect more important ones and perhaps free up money committed to existing programs for potentially more important uses? What are some concerns expressed by Latino constituents in your district? How did you learn about them? What would you be able to do as an elected official that you can’t do as a community member to address these issues?
  5. Pasadena is a city that is rich in its architecture, arts, culture and diversity of heritage. We see evidence of black and white heritage and history throughout the city.  We do not see the same for Latinos; to date there are only two items that recognize the Latino community.  What can you do, or what have you set in place, so that this is remedied?
  6. There has been an uptick in the violence occurring in our city, primarily in areas in NW Pasadena. Community members are fearful.  What do you think should be done to lessen the violence and reassure community members?
  7. Diversity and inclusion are topics that are often discussed in Pasadena. In brief, what should the city do to better encourage Latino residents to be more civically engaged?
  8. If elected, will you commit to serving the full term?

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